Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who Is That Cute Monkey?

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The cute monkey above is Maxwell. He was an important part of my first year of teaching. In my first district we did not have a required curriculum to teach, so the Kindergarten team came up with a scope and sequence of what we were going to teach {that went along with our GLE's}. Along with that they had decided that each class would have a traveling visitor that would go home with each kiddo. Maxwell was my class' vistor, he went to soccer games, hockey games, church, Mexico, Hawaii and even got to meet David Shannon {the author/illustrator} when he came to town to speak at my Alma Mater. The kiddos wrote about what they did with Maxwell, included pictures, and then got to share with the class.

Sadly Maxwell cannot be found {I think my Mom took him to her school}, so next year a very curious Pigeon will be visiting my Kindergartner's homes.

{I love how he's wearing a hat and scarf! Perfect for our long, cold winters!}

Here are the cover and pages that will go in the notebook with Pigeon

Pigeon Cover

Pigeon Sheets

Do you have any special visitors that go home with your kiddos?


  1. How cute! I have Mr. Moose :) He has a bag, a binder (with papers for the students to write and illustrate what they did during his visit), some crayons, and his favorite books. I tell the students to give him a squeeze each night in case he misses our classroom!

  2. Very cute! We have Curious George. I use a small monkey that looks just like George and students take him on weekends. I take him during long breaks and vacations. I have a journal that goes home with George. Parents act as scribes for the children and they include photos as well. Always a big hit!
    That pigeon is adorable!

  3. Girl, we need to shop together... too bad we're a handful of states and one country away. I just bought this today! I always begin the year with a Mo Willems author study to get the kids excited about books and reading. I can't wait to follow it up by making a book based on the places pigeon goes with my students (I just hope he always comes back!!!!!! - any tips?). Glad I happened upon your blog.