Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hey ya'll! I'm avoiding packing {and practicing for my trip to Texas}.  I'm also linking up {late} to Farley's linky party

I leave super late tonight, and I will be in San Antonio in the morning, I'm heading there for this - yay!   Plus I super stoked to see fireworks on the 4th of July {it's never really dark here in AK on the 4th, so the only time they do a real fireworks show is New Year's Eve. . . . at 8:00 pm. . . . .so you don't freeze to death watching them. . . . .although you really do}.

I LOVE reading Mo's books to my kiddos, and they love them too.  They are so much fun to read out loud.

I think I may be taking Pigeon along with me.  What former kindergartner wouldn't love to get an email from their old teacher with a picture of Pigeon at the Alamo?