Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Blast From the Past

I was going through, cleaning out my classroom blog and getting it ready for next year, and ran across this post from my first blog {which I only posted on twice}. It's a look back at my first year teaching {2008-2009} when I taught half-time, half-day Kinder.

As my first official year of teaching comes to an end, and as I wait with uncertainty for God to reveal his plan for my life I wanted to take the time to reflect on my year.

* was offered the job while standing in the kitchen of the family I was working for, while they were talking outside with neighbors and Teletubbies in the background.

* got hired 3 days before Kindergarten Assessment day (when the teacher meets with each child and their parents).

* Ran up to the school Friday to get my list of kiddos and assessment books before running back to my summer job where I took 10 kids downtown (on the city bus) to play mini golf.

* called all of the parents using my cell phone while babysitting on saturday morning (this will come back and bite me later).

* spent to week before school started meeting with all of my kiddos and their parents, hosted my first open house, spent 2 days in all staff meetings and the Friday before attended new staff orientation ALL day.

* started teaching, love my class, 6 girls, 12 boys. very busy, very bright, very exhausting!

* prep for first conferences, get really sick, have no voice for the last 2 days.

* go to Hawaii with family for a week, miss 4 days of school, immediately after missing a week for conferences. hope students remember me.

* get back from Hawaii at 12:30 pm, after a red-eye flight from Honolulu. drop luggage at home, change and head up to school to prep for next days all day field trip.

* my amazing sub taught my kiddos "mele kalikimaka" which they sing for me. so sweet!

* all day field trip, cold, cold, cold. especially after being in 80 degree temps for the last week.

* the wednesday before winter break is to start it starts to snow on my way to work. it continues to snow, and snow and snow. I take my lesson plan book and computer home "just in case".

* school is cancelled for the next 2 days. it continues to snow, and snow and snow for approximately 2.5 weeks.

* ready to go back the monday after new years. sheriff decides to close all local schools. tuesday schools closed, wednesday schools closed. start to wonder if we will ever go back.

* kids enjoyed their 3 week break. I did not it, I had to be mean Miss W.

* things going pretty good, one kiddo has trouble with saying nice things, we work it out and have no more problems.

*the friday before valentines day (the day of our party), get a phone call (on my cell phone) from a parent. very polite 15 minute rant about what I am doing wrong in my classroom. says I should rethink my career plan. I cry in the car, cry in my principal's office and cry in my mentor's classroom. then I stop crying and teach, avoid saying anything but hello to this parent.

* things seem to be better with ranting parent. second set of conferences, spring break.

* parent sends ranting email saying that she thinks I'm taking out my frustration with her questioning of my ability to teach on her child.

* state budget cuts send panic thru teachers, we don't have cuts, but job outlook for those with 1 year contracts (me) isn't so hot.

* science is loads of fun, lot's of creepy crawlies visit our room.

* swine flu scare. wipe down everything with lysol wipes, including pencils and crayons.

* all day kindergarten. 40 kids in each classroom. water pressure issue causes us to evacuate the building in the rain, and wait outside for 15 minutes, again in the rain.

* end of school. I answer the question "what are your plans for next year?" approximately a thousand times. Listen to parents say, "that's stupid" or "do I need to email the principal" when I tell them I have to re-apply for my job.

* manage not to cry when saying goodbye to my kiddos, I do however cry when I get to my room the next day, while packing up, and while saying goodbye to my fantastic team.

Next up, applying for any job that's available!

It's amazing how much I have learned in the past 3 years. . . . .

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