Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Take-Home Books Linky Party

Mrs. Mugurussa at Time 4 Kindergarten is hosting a Linky Party for Take-Home Book ideas. Here's what I do in my kindergarten class:

1.) My kiddos keep their books (3-4 a week) in their STAR (Stuff To Always Remember) Notebooks. The books are kept in a page protector with a sticker on it to remind parents which day we switch out their books,

2.) I like to have each of my kiddos read their take-home books to me, so I can tell who is reading at home, and I can change the level to meet their needs. To accomplish this I assign each kiddo a day to switch out their books (Tuesday-Thursday). I call kiddos over to read to me during our Morning Work time.

3.) I keep a checklist to keep track of which kiddos have which books.

4.) use Reading A-Z books for Take-Home books. They are leveled and easy to make so it's no biggie if they get lost. My first year I had a ton of parent volunteers so I had them make up a bunch of books which I still have (I even shipped them up to Alaska!).

5.) Our Reading Curriculum (Houghton Mifflin) has phonics readers for each week once we start introduce vowels and CVC words. I send these home as well. I send a note home asking the parents to sign the book when their child reads it to them. When the kiddos bring it back they get a sticker, skittle or get to step up.

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  1. We use Reading A to Z, and their companion site raz-kids for our summer reading program. We also send them home during the year too! Love all the extras with Reading A to Z :)

  2. Thanks for joining in- I use A-Z in class and later send them home. I also use the HM readers. Funny you mentioned STAR notebooks- when I use these too, but for me it means Students Taking Academic Responsibility/
    Time 4 Kindergarten