Thursday, June 16, 2011

S.M.S {Save My Schedule}

I’ve been working on my Lesson Plan Template/Schedule for next year. What I’ve used the past 2 years works, but there wasn’t a lot of extra room to write specifics in the boxes. With switching to using Workstations for both Literacy and Math I wanted to have more room on my Lesson Plans.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far {I put in my pull-out schedule from last year, since I’m pretty sure it will stay the same next year.}

1.) Check In and Morning Work/Morning Message – In the past I haven’t put any info in these boxes {I just kind of wing it} but I’m going to put in what practice page we will do for Morning Work, and what the focus will be with our Morning Message. I think it will help me be more intentional with this time, rather than winging it.

2.) Literacy Workstations – Last year I had 4 different groups, and we rotated through each station everyday {it didn’t really work for me}. This way I can look at my plans and see what I need to get read for each tub.

3.) I posted earlier about how I tab my Teacher Manuals to make it easy-peasy to find where I’m supposed to be. Then down below I put the basics of what I’m going to do each day {there’s no way I can get through ALL of the material each day}.

I’m still trying to figure out my afternoon schedule. If you can give me any pointers, please comment or email me. I like giving my kiddos Choice Time everyday, but is there something missing from my schedule that I need to include?


  1. I love how you incorporated the LD letters into your template. Nice. :)

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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't Pinterest fun? :) And great layout of your lesson plan template: I need to revamp mine... it's too wordy! I'm your newest follower, have a great week!