Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Kathleen at Growing Kinders is asking for teachers to share their schedules.

My basic schedule for last year looked like this

8:50 - First bell rings, kiddos come in, put their gear away, check in (for lunch count) and sit down to start their Morning Work (a worksheet or book to work on)
9:10 - Language Warm Up - this is when we do our Morning Message, and talk about our schedule for the day.
9:30 - Literacy Stations - 4 stations and 4 rotations.
10:40 - HM Reading
11:10 - Lunch Prep (this takes longer at the beginning of winter when we have to get all our gear on. they get much faster at this as the year goes on).
11:20 - Lunch/Recess(my fabulous TA goes with my kiddos)
12:15 - Calendar

The rest of the afternoon schedule varies from day to day based on what pull-outs we have and when they are. We do math everyday and science or social studies as we can fit them in.

The kiddos usually do writing during station time.

We have choice time EVERY day. They need it, plus it gives me a chance to pull small groups or do assessments.

I'm still figuring out what my schedule will look like next year. I want to implement both literacy and math workstations, so I will need to move some things around.

Here's what my Lesson Plan's looked like last year (click on the image to see it bigger).


If your checking this out, please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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