Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where, oh Where Have I Been?

Me, in front of Surprise Glacier today - so cool!!! (please excuse the hair, it was super windy and my hair is not quite long enough to pull back, but I had to do something!)

I have been spending the last couple weeks of my summer helping with Americorps/Hope Youth Corps. We had a group of 20 young adults come up from all over the lower 48 to help renovate the Boys and Girls Clubhouse in Kotzebue, Alaska. I spent 7 nights sleeping on the floor of the clubhouse and 8 days helping to organize, clean, gut and paint the space where the kiddos hang out. Plus we got to hang out and connect with the kiddos.

We flew back on Wednesday, hung out downtown yesterday and today went on a Glacier Cruise (we got to see one of the glaciers calve!!!).

I will be back next week with some fun back to school craft ideas and hopefully pictures of my classroom, although I can't get in to my room till next Thursday (seriously??? we have to report back for trainings and meetings on the 10th!!!!).

Have a great weekend!


  1. Is that the Mendinhall glacier? Whatever it is it's beautiful.