Monday, August 15, 2011


I have been busily getting my room ready for my new Kinder kiddos and today we had our staff training where we went over the expectations for our school year. It was mostly basic stuff, schedules, staff development, human resources stuff, but we also discussed my Principal's new expectations for our Lesson Plans.

Here's and excerpt

"Lesson plans should be written so that, if you were a substitute, you would feel comfortable in coming into the room and would know what was expected in each of the subjects to be taught that day (ie. subject, instruction each day, times, objectives, materials needed, special consideration for struggling students, extension activities etc. . .)"

And later

"The following items should be included, but not limited to in the daily lesson plans:
1.) Objective
2.) GLE's
3.) Lesson Materials
4.) Reteach/Review Materials
5.) Small Group Interventions
6.) Assessment"

I'm not quite sure where to begin. Does anyone have to have these detailed of Lesson Plans? What do you do? Is there a way that I can do this without my Lesson Plans being 20 pages long?



  1. Wow--that's intense news to come back to. I have heard of new teachers being required to make plans with that much detail, but I think it's rare for that to be the expectation for everyone. I could be wrong, but at least in my district, our plans are not that detailed. Maybe that's because we mostly use scripted programs?? Good luck. I hope you get some tips for making that process easier.

  2. Wow! I am from Québec, Canada and when I read all you have to include in your lesson plan, I was really surprised! Here, only student teachers are truly required to provide lesson plans... Once you graduate it is basically do as you want (regarding lesson plans) as long as you follow the curriculum. My principal could not care less if I make detailed lesson plans or not! He often drops by and NEVER asked to see any lesson plans.

    The only thing that I thought of is that :you could create a form with boxes to check (so you don't have to write all objectives)

    Good luck!

  3. We had to do that at my school last year. We split the plans as a grade level team and typed them out, then we edited them to suit our needs and stuck them all together to have a complete lesson. Don't know if that helps or not. Also, my plans were always SUPER long and printing them was horrible. I'd try to find someone to partner with. Good luck!!

  4. Miss. W, hop on over to my business blog, A Teacher's Plan and see what I offer in my pre-made templates section. There maybe something you can tweak to meet your needs. If not, in a few weeks I will be taking custom orders again and I can give it a go.

    Sorry I can't do more now. I am swamped, this being my first week back with students.

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  5. OH NO! That would put me into a panic attack! This is your principals decision? Is everyone complaining? What is the district expectation. We are expected to have TEKS, Essential Question, Procedures, Materials, and Small group activities. Nothing like what you have! So sorry!!!!

    Rowdy in First Grade