Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Favorite Target Find

I'm linking up with Target Treasures to share my favorite find from Target this week.

These are going to be my supply caddies. Each kiddo will have one of the long, skinny baskets to keep their crayons and pencils in; each table will have one of the handled caddies with glue and scissors on the shelf {they don't need them on their tables all the time}. The letter size trays are for their journals/supplies for projects etc. There are four colors because I have 4 hexagon tables and each table is named for a color and shape {ie Blue Circles}
And a non-teaching related purchase. "Turquoise and Caicos" by Essie {It's the perfect matte teal shade for summer}.


  1. Oooh I love those long skinny baskets, especially the colors they come in! I do rainbow colored table groups so I always love when I can find supply containers in primary colors especially all 6 rainbow colors if I'm lucky. I use similar baskets with handles for my table group supplies and then they have other ones they take out when we use glue. I heart TARGET!


  2. I'm loving the nail polish (the name of it is so clever too)! Looks like we {teachers} keep Target in business!!!

  3. Love it! I bought the caddies with the handle and the shallow tubs last year for small group and they worked awesome so I picked up some more this year! Thank You Target!!! What would we do without you? lol :)
    ~ Jessica

  4. I am so jealous. My target has not had too much the last 3 visits!! So, I end up getting things like finger polish, clothes, etc. I am hoping when I hit it up again, it has the same things you found!!

  5. I am not jealous.. iam sportive... thank you...
    non voice projects

  6. I bought these same great target finds a few days ago! But they didn't have the orange organizer!!! And I NEEEEEEEED an orange! :) So now I'm left to stalk target, spending I won't tell how much every day on unrelated impulse buys until I finally get one. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE restock them!!! My bank account begs you!) I think Target must make a killing off teachers who stalk the dollar spot. I secretly think this is why they limit the quantities and release different products to different stores, lol.