Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to Reality

I am headed back to AK.  I am ready (actually itching) to get into my new room and start getting it organized and set up.  Since I am switching grades (kinder to 2nd) I had to switch rooms (coincidentally I'm  back in the room I was the year before).  All of my stuff was packed up at the end of the year, and moved down the hall.

I get my keys on Friday, so I will have 2 days to unpack, go grocery shopping,  pick up some more things for my classroom and have lunch with my teaching bestie Mrs. V.

I am super excited to use my new zebra print and bright green borders and accents!  I ordered from MPM School Supplies and was super impressed with their selection and how quickly my stuff came.  I had it shipped to my parent's house since shipping to Alaska is spendy.  I managed to fit it all in my suitcase too! (full disclaimer. . . . . . I ended up taking 2 suitcases back, since I bought some new clothes too)

Of course, I've already been sharpening up my mad bulletin board skills in my Mom's room.  She teaches Preschool Special Ed in my hometown and wants to get as much stuff done now, since the week she would normally be in her room is the week before my brother's wedding.

We ran out of fabric and ended up using contact paper on the bottom part of the board. 

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