Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love that 5 year-old logic

 We were doing an ever-popular "brace chart" about what penguins can do, have and are. They did a great job giving me relavent facts and staying on-topic/task (which is usually tricky at the end of the day).  My fave comment came at the end when one of my little chickadees says "penguins are animals, not people". . . . .you gotta love the logic of a 5 year-old!

Here's my to-do list in "Petunia" (my planner) for February.  In the next 2 weeks I need to write sub-plans for 3 half-hour parts of the day (all during my Literacy Block).  The joys of being a teacher. . . . it's a good thing that the phonics skill we are focusing on this theme is review of short a/i since I'm going to be out so much,  plus throw in 100's Day (this Friday), a field trip,Valentine's Day and Parent/Teacher Conferences and I will be sooo ready for the 3 day weekend that is coming up in 3 weeks!

I found some super cute mini test tubes at Target last week.  I'm working on creating a fun literacy station with them to help my kiddos with sounding out cvc words.  I should have it ready to post this weekend.

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