Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It was one of THOSE days

It has been COLD with a capital C (-5 to -15 degrees)!  We have had 2 days of indoor recess, and will probably continue to have it the rest of this week.  There is a nasty flu going around and I started feeling yucky today.

I'm sitting at my teacher table doing Reading Mastery with some of my struggling kiddos and are trying to say words slow, then fast {mmmaaannn - man} - this is a painful process, when all of a sudden my stomach starts to hurt.  I switch from coffee to water, and keep on teaching {what are you going to do?} but it still hurts, so much in fact that when my kiddos sit down to write in their Journals, I text my friend and sub, Jessica to see if she can come in for me tomorrow.  Thankfully she can.  I send my kiddos off to lunch with my TA, and venture down to the staff room with a couple of my teammates {the ONLY time we eat in the staff room is when we have indoor recess}.

About 25 minutes into lunch/recess, the fire alarm goes off.  I give my teammates a look, and rush out into the hall.  My kiddos are walking down the hall on their way back from lunch, thankfully with my TA.  I get them out of the building, while my TA went back to room to grab their coats {she whispered to me "I don't care if I get fired!"} and we stand in the cold {-13} for 3 minutes until they announce that we can go back in.

Later, I'm checking in with the Resource Teacher {who happens to be one of our Teachers in Charge} and she tells me my special friend from last year {the one who drove me crazy and gave me all my gray hair} is the one who pulled the fire alarm.

I love my job!


  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad day. Hope you feel better soon!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  2. That is CRAZY!!! Are they not allowed to stop and get their coats?? Man!!!!
    Hope you feel better!!! And stay warm!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. I feel for you and the cold. It's be Cold here too. :/ We had a crazy fire alarm scene last year too. It was -5 and the alarm went off. We didn't have our coats and it was COLD and windy. My poor kids, they were so good. We were outside for 5 min before they let us go back in. The alarm just went wrong and set it self off. Weirdness.

    Ms. M
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