Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'd like to thank. . . . . . .(plus a giveaway)

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a week!  I’ve been super busy. . . . . .this last week was my final observation of the year by my principal. 

Now, I get nervous ANY time I get observed, but even more so since last year.  Last year (2010-2011) was the hardest school year yet for me.  I was displaced after 5 days, moved schools and grade-levels and had a class made up of kids that the other kinder teachers gave me (and one in particular gave me some “fun” kiddos).  Every time my principal came in they went crazy, I was off my teaching game (having to go down a grade level).   My evaluation was very bad and full of criticism.

This year however, has gone much better. . . . .I’ve worked hard, gotten routines set up and made the changes my principal suggested. We also have an Administrative Intern in our building for the next month, who is a Literacy Coach at another school in my district.  She came and observed my literacy block for 2 hours and kept asking me where I got all of my cool ideas and tricks. Do you know what my answer to her was? 

From my fellow bloggy teachers!  I’m not quite eloquent enough to express my thanks to all of you who have had a hand in forming the way I teach (and have created so many materials that my kiddos LOVE!)  So. . . . . . . . . I decided to host a little giveaway.

Here's what you could win

A copy of the book Recess at 20 Below.  This is a great book that shows what recess is like up in the frozen tundra where I live (although our threshold is -10).  It's written by a teacher and has amazing photos. (When I was back in the lower 48 last summer, I went in and read this book to students at my former school - they loved it!)


A $10 Starbucks card cause you know how much teachers need/survive on caffeine (I love a grande soy latte on a chilly morning).  

All you need to do is follow me (using that nifty little tool on my sidebar) and leave a comment letting me know you follow me, and maybe what the weather is like where you live (cause this girl needs to dream about some warmer climates).

I will choose a winner randomly (via on Saturday (so the giveaway ends Friday at midnight my time).


  1. Yay for observations being done!! I still have 2 more this year....can't wait to be done! I am a follower!

    Weather has been up and down here....snow one day, rain the next. This is not what our winter is usually like! We are setting a record for the least amount of snow....we've only had 18"! Normally we are at 80-90" by now!


  2. I follow you! I live in Tennessee and we are having a warm winter. We get snow days and have used one this year. The kids are crazy cause its so different than normal. The temp is in the 50's and 60's. Typically 30's and 40's.

  3. I follow your adorable blog! :o) Like many others, it has been an unusual winter for us as well; however, we still have had a few freezing days. No where near 20 below though. ;o)

    jennkeys @ gmail . com

  4. I follow your cute blog too! I'm from Ohio and we're having a really weird winter! We're usually buried in snow by now but it's supposed to reach 45 degrees today and 50 degrees tomorrow! The only snow we've had is like a dusting in the morning and then it's gone by the time the kiddos leave school! So strange! :)
    A Pirates Life for Us

  5. I follow your blog and I love it!! I'm in Indiana and it's supposed to be 50 degrees today. Yikes. At this point, I'd like a little snow because we're doing all these snowy activities snow. Although, that -10 does not sound fun. =)

  6. I follow your blog! I think it is supposed to get into the 60s today which is weird for here in January. We haven't had any snow days so far which never happens.

    Cathy I.
    Mrs. I's Class

  7. I follow your blog! My temperature is around 65ish. Warm for this time of year. I'm not complaining.


    Fun in Room 4B

  8. Hooray - I am so glad you're getting positive feedback!!! :)
    And of course I follow you!!!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  9. Yay for your great observation!! It kind of comforts me to know that other people don't have perfect evaluations sometimes though... so thank you for your honesty. :)

    I follow you. :)

    Our weather today was lovely - almost in the 60s!! I'm not sure what our cutoff is for recess... I want to say a windchill of 10 below? Not sure though.

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  10. I just found your cute blog and i'm now a follower! I live in MB, Canada so I know all about the COLD winters! I'd love it if you stopped by my blog sometime!

    ✿ Kaleigh
    Kaleigh's Klassroom