Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Mystery Machine

This morning our message told my kiddos that we were going to use a special machine in math. They predicted that this machine would be a calculator or the computer.
Here's what they were greeted with when they came in from recess

Underneath the "Top Secret" paper was this

A Function Machine/In and Out Box (whatever you want to call it).
side note, my school uses Everyday Math and provided us with a master to use, but I felt the need to cutesy-fy it with a fun font, star stickers and glitter.

We started off pretty basic with plus 1's, but then I let them come up with the rules. Look what one of my smartie-pants came up with

Please excuse my dirty easel, it's usually covered up with my chart paper.

And because it's too cute not to post, a sweet note from one of my kiddos!

Translation - Dear Ms. Wold, I have a cool valentine

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  1. We use Everyday Math too but the Function Machine has always been confusing for the children. Glad that it is working for you! (I stopped by from Ms. M's blog - I am trying to connect with other educations via blogging and will stop by again).