Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Literacy Stations - Theme 2 {Colors All Around}

I LOVE my Literacy Stations.  I only switch them out once a Theme {every 3 weeks}.  I change worksheets out as needed, but the basics of the station stay the same.  Since our theme is Colors All Around some of our tubs focus on reading and writing color words. 

{Yes, my tubs are out of order, that's how my Super Stars put them back today}

Tub A - Building Color Words {using these Brown Bear cards from Doodle Bugs Teaching}

Tub B - S or Not S sorting worksheet {this will change each week as we focus on a different letter}

Tub C - Playdough Words {with glittery, black playdough}

Tub D - Listening Center

Tub E - Color, Trace, Write

Tub F - Poetry Journals {They glue in the poem, them draw a picture, highlight letters and words, then read the poems}

Tub G - Letter Beads  {letter beads and pipe cleaners, they can build words, sort by letter etc.  I may bring this back later, but require them to build words}

Tub H - Which S Will Win? {another one that will change to go with our letter for the week}.

Other stations that my kiddos visit are Library, Computer and working with my TA, this week they are sorting picture cards by their beginning sound - S or not S {see a pattern. . . . .?}

Hopefully I will remember to take pictures this week. . . . . . . . . .

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  1. I love how you do this! It seems so much more manageable changing it out by theme! I can't wait to see pictures!!