Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm movin' on up

to 2nd grade!  My Principal told me today that I'm moving to 2nd grade.  I'm excited for the change, I'm moving back to my old classroom and I may even have some of my kiddos from last year.

Now I'm off to find some 2nd grade blogs. . . . .any favorites you want to share?


  1. I love teaching 2nd grade. I'm moving to Kindergarten. This will be my second primary loop. It was so special watching the kids mature both personally and academically.

    Just a few of my favorites.

    Primary Graffiti

  2. There's a whole list on TBA:

    The ones Cheryl posted are great too!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. Miss W, I just found your blog from the K-2 Linky Party. I'm actually moving UP to kindergarten next year - I'm in pre-k now. I can hardly wait! Alaska sounds so fabulous! We are not allowed to take our children outside if it's below 32 degrees. This is strange for me, because I grew up in Buffalo, NY and always played in snow. If you have a free moment, I have lots of freebies on my blog. Stop by and pick some up while you're still teaching K. :)

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT