Sunday, April 10, 2011

Using Your Teacher Manuals

At my school we use Houghton Mifflin as our reading curriculum.  It introduces letters, sounds and sight words, as well as teaches reading comprehension skills.  I love the Alpahfriends they use to introduce the letters, and my kiddos LOVE the songs and motions that go with them {and it helps them remember their letter sounds}.

Of course I don't use ALL of the curriculum {shh, don't tell my district} and I supplement a lot, but it is nice to be able to grab my manual and flip right to the pages for the correct day.

The curriculum is divided into 3 week themes for a total of 10 themes.  I have taken all of my manuals and tabbed them like this. . . . .

The tabs are labeled like  -  Theme.Week.Day or 10.1.1 {Theme 10, Week 1, Day 1}.  This is also nice when I have a substitute because I can just tell them what tab to turn to and voila, they are ready to go {hopefully}.

P.S. This is our next theme, I just brought it home so I could tab it and see what's coming up so I can plan.

P.P.S The themes are great, but our current theme is "Spring is Here" and it's not quite spring up here, nor do we have "typical" spring.  We spend a lot of time comparing and contrasting what spring looks like in "the lower 48" and what it looks like in Alaska.

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  1. Hi there,
    I think this manual looks great. In my district we have no manuals which gives us a lot of freedom but I often wish we had something more to guide us. If you don't mind I would love it if you could email me and let me know your thoughts on this program. I was searching for it on and found that they sold each theme seperately.